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Nintendo DS Game NDS ROMs
Super Mario 64 DS
WarioWare Touched!
Ping Pals
Feel the Magic: XY/XX
Tiger Woods PGA Tour
Metroid Prime: Hunters
The Urbz: Sims in the City
Asphalt: Urban GT
Final Fantasy III
Castlevania DS GoldenEye
Super Mario Bros.
Sonic DS Viewtiful Joe
Yoshi Dynasty Warriors
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Rayman DSMystical Ninja

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NO$GBA 3D emulation.

AceKard 3 3DS R4 chip
SuperCard 3DS DStwo for N3DS
CycloDS iEvolution 3DS iEVO


R4 3DS Jailbreak

R4 3DS Flash Card
Nintendo DS ROM Copy and Backup cart

R4 3DS cardNintendo 3DS R4 Jailbreak. DS R4 cards have made it to the N3DS. After only about 24 hours the new console was unlocked for playing game backup copies. Transfer all of your DS roms to one SuperCard DStwo, Acekard3 or 3DS R4 flash card and play them on the new N3DS!

The R4 media cart has been replaced by the R4 3DS flash cart. Well this truly is an incredible newer version as compared to all the Nintendo games. This flash card operated media cart is the best Nintendo has to offer. It can open media files be it audio or video in a kaleidoscope of formats. Gaming is the new form of entertainment for the next generation gaming freaks.

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The 3DS R4 Card also grants this sophisticated piece of technology the credit of running applications at a fast pace regardless of the number of operations one executes on this machine. The disc used for the purpose of installation is efficient with easy instructions. Setting up the system is user friendly and has is endowed with an extremely credible drag and drop option. The operating system as believed by R4 3DS can run a multitude of Micro SD cards and this is what differentiates R4 DS form the previous versions of Nintendo media carts. The 3DS Flash Cards also grants R4 3DS certain benchmarks in the realm of gaming. It runs clean ROM’s, saves space on the microSD card, supports multiple ROM’s, allows 32 gb storage of media files, it is of the same size as of the 3DS cart, doesn’t require the 3DS to be flashed with a cutom firmware or mod-chip to be soldered into the console.

Nintendo 3DS R4 Cards